Okay so I’m hauling my way through my archives for pre-production stuff, and I found this dude, The Bandit, who I really love and I’m very sorry wasn’t in SKIP but them’s the breaks.

He was in one of the original versions of the film, and in the more refined storyboard for quite a long time- so, yeah, here’s the version that didn’t make it! The gag was that, since Arthur is a black and white movie character, the bandit would freak out and think he was a ghost.

Of course, people didn’t get the joke with a colourless storyboard… 

I do think it would have worked in the end, but I’m much happier with the ending it has now for a multitude of reasons, and animating that shawl would have been a real killer. Anyway, thought you might like to see some of the process :)

Oh and here’s a little bonus early colour theory for the film as a whole-


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